Tesla's Vision - The World System

Tesla’s World System was an astonishingly accurate prediction of the electronic
world we live in today, but in 1906 it could scarcely be believed.

Margaret CheneyTesla Biographer

Send voice messages, signals, and other communications instantaneously to any point on the earth utilizing receivers no larger than a pocket watch. The wireless transmission of visual images is a distinct possibility in the future, as well.

Transmit electrical power, by use of the earth itself as a conductor, anywhere in the world without the use of wire, thereby annihilating the constraints of distance.

Allow telephone subscribers to talk to one another, anywhere, anytime, with only the use of compact, hand-held transmitters/receivers.

Transmit accurate facsimile documents, letters, handwritten characters, photographic images, drawings, etc.

Establish universal navigational systems to enable all ships at sea to steer perfectly without the aid of the compass and to pinpoint location, course, and destination, as well as detect the presence of other vessels from great distances.

Coordinate worldwide standardization of economically feasible methods.

Besides these I referred to, other and incomparably more important
applications of my discoveries will be disclosed at some future date.
Nikola Tesla, 1900