Nikola Tesla - The Master Scientist from Planet Eros

Nikola Tesla incarnated on planet Earth in 1856, as part of a grand design to initiate a new scientific understanding of Infinite Creative Intelligence. This cosmic visionary was from the spiritual Planet Eros, the inner plane devoted to the scientific understanding of life. Because of his prolific creative expressions, Tesla has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci, the master artist, thinker, and scientist, who incarnated five hundred years before Tesla to spearhead the Renaissance. Tesla did indeed live the lifetime of Leonardo da Vinci, thereby demonstrating the overshadowing intelligence of the Archangel Michiel, the higher self and guiding force of both da Vinci and Tesla.

Leonardo's visionary works served as a foundation for new understandings in science, art, philosophy, technology—in almost all fields of knowledge. His discoveries, like Tesla's, reflected an understanding of the universal laws of nature and a cosmic vision for the spiritual advancement of humankind. Both of these great intellects were able to receive advanced ideas through their mental attunement with their highly developed overself or higher self—the true thinker and inventor.

Wonderful mental transmissions from Tesla have been received and published in
several Unarius books, Voice of Eros, Tesla Speaks, Vols. I & II, and Keys to the Universe. In these transmissions Tesla expands on our scientific understanding of life and describes new technological developments, such as the Power Tower, an advanced transportation system, and new building materials, that will be brought to fruition in the new millennium. Tesla and his associates on planet Eros are continuing in their efforts to inspire the earth scientists to develop environmentally friendly technologies for Earth's positive future, when we will live in harmony with the Infinite.

A special treat, published in the Tesla Speaks, Vol. I, is a detailed description of Tesla's home on the inner or spiritual world of Erosone of seven celestial planes formerly called Shamballa. His home is really a multi-tiered teaching center where other scientists are taught to be in service to humanity.

Tesla, due to his advanced superconscious development, was well aquainted with the principles of the Infinite. The universe and all of its inhabitants must change and evolvethe Infinite Intelligence (God) is never static and is always dynamic. Tesla serves the Infinite as a master teacher on the higher Spiritual Plane of Eros which is devoted to science.