Nikola Tesla - Atlantis Technology

The Egyptian Giza (Pyramid of Khufu, or Cheops, at Giza) pyramid has been and is is still today a subject of great mystery and intense controversy. It has been subjected to cosmic ray exploration in an attempt to divulge certain supposed unknown inner chambers. Like almost all other earth world ethnic cultures, religions, occultisms, and even superstitions, the Egyptian pyramid is actually a vestigial remnant—a degenerate form done in stone of what was once actually a great electronic instrument, designed and constructed by master scientists from another world and placed on an Atlantean plain for the purposes of generating unlimited power derived from the interdimensional cosmos.

As it existed on the Atlantean Plain about 15,000 B.C., it was constructed of metals, not stone. The geometrical configuration of a pyramid was purposefully placed in relationship to the north and south magnetic poles with the four sides representing maximum surface interception. On the metallic surface of this pyramid were placed millions of small cells (not unlike small cells of selenium that absorbs light and transmits it into electrical energy) whose purpose was to absorb cosmic energies and convert them into electrical energy, which could turn certain kinds of electrical motors coupled to huge generators.

As the pyramid was possibly a 1000 feet high, covering 96 acres of ground, the total number of cells involved when hooked together could generate tremendous power. (The great pyramid Khufu, or Cheops, at Giza was 482 feet high covering 13 acres.)

Amon Ra, who came to Atlantis about 15,000 B.C., arrived there in a spaceship, together with a number of scientists and technicians who proceeded to construct a pyramid on the Atlantean plain; a pyramid that was exactly similar to the one constructed on the plains of ancient Lemuria some 140,000 years before that time. The story of the construction of this pyramid was later, through succeeding generations of earth people, and handed down as they were, degenerated into legends not entirely accurate and with considerable elements of mysticism. (The literal translation of Amon Ra means sun god. The superstitious natives, when they saw the glowing white spaceship, thought that the sun god had come to earth, hence the name Amon Ra.)